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Benedikt "Bene" Böhm, the CEO of Dynafit is a force of nature. Pushing into his mid-40s, the husband and father of three epitomizes life balance not by teetering near the fulcrum but by living near the extreme ends of the see-saw. He logs upwards of 30,000' of weekly vert, steers an international mountain products brand, and believes in full-value parenting.

To do as Böhm does, which is aspirational, might require a reassessment and a full-time live-in assistant to infill the calendar — there's seemingly no downtime. His 24-hour cycle is more like a 48-72 hour jam-packed time expanse for lesser motivated mortals. Perhaps the only explanation for his stoke and inexhaustibility rests on the cusps of special relativity, where time slows as one approaches the speed of light. There's some exaggeration here, but you get the point; Böhm gets stuff done.      

Under Böhm's leadership, Dynafit has seen its global reach expand and entrance into the more general mountain endurance markets, like trail and mountain running, and solidify its place in the ski touring segment. In the mountains, he has climbed and skied 8000m peaks in the high Himalayas, single push traversed across the Alps, scorched the skimo scene as part of the German national ski mo team, and generally helped define the modern concept of moving efficiently through the mountains. Although we overuse the term "light and fast" here at WildSnow, Böhm embodies that style. 

Suppose you're in the German Alps outside Munich on a patrouille im morgengrauen (German for dawn patrol according to Google Translate) and a Lycra-clad speedster cloaked head to toe in Dynafit steamrolls by. In that case, you may have caught a glimpse of Böhm's pre-work routine. If you zero in for the chase, get ready for some L5.

Böhm should help usher in the 2022-2023 season of Totally Deep; we are close to shorter days and frozen precipitation. If you need the motivation to get fit, make plans, and be your best self, this podcast is a self-help get-off-your-bum nudge.

For some video inspiration, the Interwebs become a gold mine if you want to learn more about Böhm and his exploits. Here are a few cherry-picked ski documentaries. 

2019 Speed Trans-Alp

Sea to Summit in Iran

Ski touring speed record on Dhaulagiri 7 summit under 8 hours

Thanks for listening and joining us for the 2022-2023 season.  

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And remember: be safe out there. 

On Episode 101 of Totally Deep Podcast:

1) Randy and Doug start thinking snow and progress beyond the run-walk.

2) Böhm's single-day pursuits are jam-packed.  

3) Embracing the 3AM wake-up call.

4) Giving back to the community.

5) The Dynafit progression: from skis to boots.


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More info about TDP at Totally Deep Podcast Blog on or

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