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On Episode 100 of Totally Deep Podcast, a quick celebration for Doug Stenclik and Randy Young of for making it to episode 100! As usual, they bring you the lowdown on the world of uphill and backcountry skiing and boarding. Gear, technique, fashion, jargon, guests, and assorted spray from folks who know how to earn it in the backcountry. The world's best backcountry skiing podcast.  

As Totally Deep finally notches episode 100, Doug and Randy  banter just a bit about the past and the totality that is Totally Deep. They also converse with Jack Kuenzle who recently blasted up and down Mt. Hood to establish a new fastest known time (FKT). Kuenzle gives the FKT lowdown and reveals, in scientific terms, why wearing underwear only and skimo gear was his ticket to ride. Note, Kuenzle's underwear choice is pretty ho-hum, Champion, which means this fast cat must be a man of the people.

Kuenzle also provides insight into a training mission up Mt. Shasta, during which he snapped both skis. Kuenzle also holds the roundtrip FKT for Mt. Shasta.

Thanks for listening and hanging in there until episode 100. 

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And remember: be safe out there. 

On Episode 100 of Totally Deep Podcast:

1) The 8th season and 100th episode.

2) The Mt. Hood FKT with Jack Kuenzle.

3) Crampons are a must.

4) Athletes and heat generation.

5) The Shasta lessons.

6) The transition from running to skiing.

7) Any means necessary and the FKT game.


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